Collaborative work environment
Innovation does not simply occur like a flashing thought.

Profound understandings in various fields prepare the ground.

The members of Ars Praxia consist of experts and activists from social science, business studies, statistics, computer science, design, etc.

Who seek an effective multi-disciplinary cooperation to deliver an adequate solution.
Integrative data
We need to know how to integrate different data in order to understand the complex dynamics of society and market.

Customers leave important traces in various usage contexts such as mobile and social media.

Different media converge, and diverse messages trespass the boundaries.

That is why we need to know how to combine different data from both on and off line sources, and interpret them to capture the core market implication instantly.
Multi-dimensional approach to methodology
Ars Praxia has an expertise in semantic network analysis that is adequate in analyzing and representing socio-cultural meanings from the textual data.

When identifying core interests and frames of people, we also use various quantitative and qualitative methods.

Ars Praxia is equipped with highly sophisticated system to process natural language and unstructured data including text and on-line image.

High profile statistics, network analysis and ethnographic approaches conjoin to advance a phenomenological understanding with clear aim.
Executable output and action plan
Advanced research and data processing system work only if they produce a tangible outcome.

We produce an action plan that is both effective and intuitive through concrete results such as mock-up, movie streams, and computer programs as well as more traditional reporting and workshops.

With accumulated practices, we are aware that the effective communication and the governance structure in the cliental side are very important to effective execution.

We work for the partnership to ensure the success.